Offering Pooja is always a part of Hindu religious ritual and Vedic remedies which is a ceremony of gratitude or ritual performed as an offering to various Hindu deities.  Living abroad or  distant place or busy in work or not well to offer poojas at distant temples or any other reason. Now you can perform  various poojas by our Pooja services.  Don’t know  Poojas or its process for Various Poojas as Vedic remedies, you need not to worry.  Our consultants will perform this pious ritual for you in the right mode.  You also need to have pious and open heart to perform Pooja.  You found any dosha in you Kundli, then also you can opt for any of the Pooja or can contact with our Consultant as we know there for various poojas for various occasions and purposes.  We have filled all the spaces for doubts.  The state-of-the-art service of is now available.  Get benefited now :

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Poojas Available :

Poojas for remedies : Kaal Sarpdosh Pooja, Vanshanugat Pitradosh Pooja, , Manglik Dosh Niwarak Pooja, Om Shatchandi Anushthan, Maha Mrityunjay Pooja, Tantra Badha Nivarak Pooja, Bhairo Sadhna, Baglamukhi Anushthan, Katyayni Devi Sadhna, Premvivah Yog Pooja, Talaak/Vaidhavya dosh niwarak pooja, Santaan gopal sadhna, manchahi santaan prapti sadhna, santaan rakshak pooja.

Home well being : Griha Shanti pooja, Vastu Shanti pooja, Shanti Havan pooja

Personal well being : Vishnu Yagya, Satynarayan Pooja, Hanuman Pooja, Shiva Pooja

Special Notes :

  1. There are different ways to perform different poojas as per vedic directions.  
  2. Pictures (if allowed in famous temples as taking pictures or videography is prohibited now in famous temples like Mahakal, Ujjain etc) of the Puja performed as per your order will be sent to you by email.
  3. We regret that because of increased security restrictions concerning organic items and powders, both used in Puja, we cannot send any Prasad to our customers but all those who place an order for a Puja will get a complementary, customized, fully energized Yantra from in lieu of the Prasad. This Yantra will actually be placed at the Puja site while the Puja is being performed. 
  4. Most Pujas will be performed in temples which are both of long standing as well as possessing power.
  5. Pujas are normally done within 20 days of your booking, unless there are no auspicious days available, in which case the first available day is utilized. It is recommeded to book your Pujas well in advance, especially for birthdays and anniversaries, as well as those Pujas which fall around major festivals. A month is safe enough.
  6. We tried our best to have our rates nominal keeping in mind that true  costs of the Pujas are calculated taking into account many factors like the duration, the materials and the amount of it used for the Puja, as well as the fees for the priest or priests where appropriate. It might be possible that Poojas of shorter duration may be more expensive than longer ones depends on above factors.