Heal yourself by indepth Kundli / Horoscope analysis, Vedic Horoscope Consultation & astrology reports based on Vedic Astrology by celebrity, renowned & world  famous astrologer Consultants.  Kundli / Horoscope reading is one of the ancient vedic astrological practices to know your problems, predictions and solutions to them.
Our amazing Kundli / Horoscope service is really stunning because all readings are prepared on the basis of birth data provided and concentrates on the minutest aspects of life, bringing your entire life to you in nutshell.  It throws light on aspects like wealth, education, career, family members, marriage, obstacles and remedies.  Feel the truth in the light of who really you are by knowing your strengths, weaknesses, predictions and solutions to your problems.  Get enlightened and delighted by having this wonderful study.

We have three dazzling horoscope services :

Brief Customised Solution by Consultant (Hindi & English
$45.05 (USD)
Computerised Calculations but Customised solution by Consultant (Hindi & English)
$109.40 (USD)
Total Kundli Booklet in Hindi especially made for you with all details for your whole lifetime
$235.96 (USD)