Gems, the most beautiful and wonderful source of remedies given in Astrology and are considered as natural gift by God.  Gems also represent the most powerful expression of the intelligence and order of natural law.  Proper combination of Gems with your natal chart (horoscope or Kundli) will create greater harmony and peace in life.   Many astrological classics like Shushrut Shanita, Vrhat Shanita, Vrihadjataka, Yukti Kalpataru, Rajvallabha, Garud Purana refers to use of gems in certain conditions and they associate gems to planets.  Gems may also be used to remove Ohra Deficiencies of your Body in Colour Therapy by few practioners as they claim scientifically tested in the Western World. 

Wearing proper gemstone recommended by a qualified Jyotish or Pundit has been now a tradition for  thousands of years.    Therefore, it is always recommended that it should be wear in proper consultation with Jyotish or Astrologist or Panditji because  Astrology and Gemstones are considerably related.  We at  provide you the guidelines to help you choose the right gemstone and also a whole range of astrology Gemstone.

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