Aries : Feel like enjoying your holiday this week.  More fun and games.  These few days look perfect. 

Taurus : Someone very close will nag in your life thisweek.  Few complaints will remain in yourheart this week.  Better to keep them inyour heart only. 

Gemini : Something which you commit this week by enthusiasmand willingness will create regret by the end of this week.  Resolving these issues may be out of yourcontrol.  Better to think  first before decision. 

Cancer : There may be chances to celebrate.  Enjoy this action-packed week. 

Leo :  Feel goodfactor is there waiting for you this week. Chances to face confusions about travel and related matter.  Take care while driving. 

Virgo :  New phase inyour business is waiting for you this week which will keep you more busy. Chancesto face schedule problems so keep yourself aware of this. 

Libra : Lots of confusions and  discussions is waiting for you this week.  Keep control while talking.  As it can destroy or make favorablethings. 

Scorpio :  This weekyour thoughts and opinion will attract others who have vision.  Enjoy your magical time this week.

Sagittarius : Enjoy your week with your loved ones.  Your understanding to life will keep you awayfrom problems.

Capricorn : Few good things are waiting for you.  Open your arms and welcome them.  Some big thing is going to happen. 

Aquarious :  There arechances to take your big decisions. Little bit of frustration you will feel, but face it with courage.  Victory will be there at the end of thisweek. 

Pisces : Take care of your things this week.  Chances of theft / loss is there.  A very good news will welcome you in the endof this week.